Hiring? Why you must do background checks

Don't get burned, check out their history!

You've got a stack of CVs on your desk. What now?

It can be a big process to sort through the pile of CVs to find a handful of candidates worth interviewing.

And then the interview process isn't exactly easy either.

Once you're through all that, chances are you're tossing up between a couple of candidates who you think would be great at the available job. How can make sure they are who they say they are?

The answer: Background checks

It's standard practise to ask for two or three referees before making a job offer to a candidate. You want to check both personal and professional integrity, consider asking for:
  • One referee who has worked directly with the applicant
  • One referee who managed the applicant
  • One referee who can vouch for personal integrity (in NZ it's likely that one of the above options can also cover this)
You're trying to find out if the applicant will be a good fit, not only for the role but within your team dynamic.

Checking referees is just the start, it's the bare minimum you should do when looking to employ someone. There's also other checks you're able to do:

Criminal history, traffic offenses, financial report, CV and education checks

You remember the story about the Maori Television Chief Executive who used an embellished CV to secure the role?

Take the time to do the background checks that are fitting for the role, and save yourself the heartbreak of hiring the wrong person.

We can help you with this process

The OptimalPeople team have experience doing vetting and background checks as part of the employment and onboarding process.

If you'd like us to help you, please just get in touch.
~ Bronnie