11 tips to get your social media content rocking

Do these things, get good engagement on social media!


Cut to the chase

You only have a small window of opportunity to get your message across to your audience. That means you really need a precise way to say what you mean. Always use a picture that reflects this as well.
Always review your message and think about it from a potential customer's point of view. Would they be interested in what you're saying?
Make it short and sweet. You want content that is easy and fast to consume, but is made of gold.

The magical call to action

The number one objective of business is to have people buy your good or service. Sure, not all the messaging needs to be that direct, but you need to close the deal by having a clear call to action. It could be 'Click on this link', 'Read this blog', 'Got a question, reply to this Tweet' - something which encourages further engagement from your initial message.

Ask questions

When you do have a follower base, ask them questions to keep them engaged. If you're a child toy company, get them to share photos of their kids playing with your product and perhaps include a hashtag, for example #kidsofcompanyname - and don't forget to offer an incentive, everyone loves free stuff!

Always include a picture or some kind of image

Always. After all, a picture says one thousand words. You might only have 124 characters.

Check, check and recheck

Always check:
  • Spelling errors
  • Sentence structure
  • That your link goes to the right place
  • That your link actually works
  • That your image displays correctly
  • That your image is relevant


Videos work particularly well for products (as opposed to services). Back to the toy company example, having a video to demonstrate the quality of the toy and some kids playing with it will always help your cause. A short YouTube clip is 75% more likely to be shared, and the more people who see your product, the better!

Targeting and audience

Particularly on sponsored posts, there's options on who you want to have your message pumped out to. While targeting your posts to "Parents in the Wellington region" is exactly who your target market might be, if you're an online store selling toys why limit yourself to just Wellington?

Quite often, a broad audience is best.

Mix it up

Variety is a winner every time. Naturally you want to increase your sales, but pumping out salesy posts will just get on your readers' nerves.
Consider mixing up your schedule with fun posts, offers, links to adventures you've had, business opportunities as well as product placement. Basically, share that chocolate brownie recipe your friends love, chances are your online audience will also love it!


Create a content calendar. Use it to help you schedule your posts, talk about different things. Set yourself goals of posting once per day, and having at least one fun post a week. Put it all in your calendar.
Did you know that you can even automate your posts? A fine balance is required so your audience still knows that your company is run by humans, not robots. React in real time to real time events.

Monitor your social accounts regularly. It is a very convenient way for your customers to reach you, and you need to be there for them.
Keep your audience engaged through comments.

Data and analytics

Say whaaaaaaat?!

OptimalPeople is an offshoot of OptimalBI, and as such data and analytics is of huge importance to us.

What does it mean for you?
Well, your posts are analysed by the platform and you're given information about:
  • What the reach was
  • How much engagement you got
  • How many views or likes on the post
  • When the best time to post is for your audience
Just to name a few! Check out the analytics on your social accounts, and hook up your website with Google Analytics.
We're a Rocketspark partner, Rocketspark is a beautiful NZ web platform that has an automatic connection to Google Analytics. It's really good. Ask us about it!

Sponsored content

If you want to reach a wider audience and have something really awesome to say, consider sponsoring your post.
It'll cost you a small amount - you can determine yourself what your budget is for each post.

Absolutely you need to include social media in your annual marketing budget. It'll probably be some of the best money you'll spend.
Make sure you get the analytics from the sponsored posts, so you know where to focus your money for best bang for buck.

Good luck, let me know how you go,
~ Bronnie