Xero Payroll Certified!!!

I hesitated for a long time on learning a new payroll package.
We are happy with our own payroll provider in the office, so there didn't seem a need to learn. It wasn't until I switched a client to Xero at the beginning of this financial year, that I couldn't put it off any longer.

Why I hesitated I don't know! Xero payroll, like Xero accounting, is so user friendly.

The Certification states it takes about 2.5 hours, for those Partners who are looking to complete the course. It probably took me a little more than that, but only because I had my new clients accounts open and I was putting to practice their set up as I went. The Certification tests as you go, with activities and questions. Super easy to pass, if you're paying attention!

The setup, if coming from another payroll package, can be a little time consuming. You need the previous 26 pay history for each employee, ensuring any leave is calculated at the correct average. Beyond that though, it's very quick to set up, provided you have leave balances, personal details, tax rates, all the usual requirements.

A couple of features I love:

  • Paying staff in more than one location, you can choose which region – automatically setting up the correct stat holidays.

  • Track payroll expenses by department, location nor other categories, just like Xero accounting

  • Pay Calendars. If you're paying contractors, salary and wage earners, all at differing frequencies, you can set up pay calendars (monthly, fortnightly, weekly) and assign a calendar against the employee profile.

  • MyPayroll. Staff can manage their own timesheets (where applicable), leave requests, view their payslips

  • PAYE returns – you can download your salary and wages deduction files from Xero Payroll and upload them straight into ir-File

A little less time on spent on payroll is always a win. 😊