Convince your boss: Working remotely

So you want to work remotely...

Good news is that you probably can!

Bad news is that you'll need to convince your employer. Fortunately, that shouldn't really be that difficult as over the last few years the technology you need to work away from your office has developed to a stable suite.
With your laptop and internet connection, you can stay on top of your workload and get stuff done - from almost anywhere!

Here's a blog which covers some excellent points around measuring virtual work and the social aspect (in particular, the lack of it) and hammers the point home that I'm trying to make here: Remote working is very do-able!

But about convincing your boss. They will want to know:
  • Will you actually do the work you get paid to do and how will I know it?
  • How am I supposed to interact/manage you?
  • How will you attend all of the meetings I have scheduled for you?
  • How much will this cost?
  • Why do you want to work remotely?
Some of these are pretty straight forward, there's so many apps out there to manage workload and time keeping (we use Asana, JIRA, WorkFlowMax, Google tools). Virtual meetings are pretty easy to solve as well (we've tried Skype, Google hangouts, Sococo, Tawk, Facetime and plain old phone calls). Cost - besides the initial time and cost to find the right tools for you, it's actually cheaper to have remote workers - no more paying for desks, chairs, coffee, etc as the remote worker does that for themselves!

Figuring out the best way to manage the remote worker is much tougher to answer. I'd suggest you start it on a part time trial basis. Nut out all of the teething issues and resolve them. There are ways to make this work!

But the biggest thing you need to consider is your reasoning behind why you want to become a remote worker. Be honest to your employer about it, they'll find out the truth anyway and it's best to have the open dialogue.

~ Bronnie