5 things to know before you start on Twitter

1: It's a channel, not magic

Twitter is a communications channel. It needs to fit into your overall plan to talk to your customers, most fundamentally if your customers are not on Twitter don't waste your time there.

If your customers are on Twitter then you should be too.

2: Consider your Twitter handle

If you are using a business account try to keep the Twitter handle as close to the business name as possible.

A Twitter handle is a unique name for you on Twitter, my personal one is @jackprichardnz, my personal blog is photochallenge@jackprichardnz and my email is jackprichardnz@... . As with all branding consistency is important.

3: Make lists

The main feed of Twitter is too much for any normal person to keep track of. Divide the people you follow into lists and you will be able to keep track of the things people are saying which are important to you. You should create lists for subjects and probably on for people who follow you to.

4: Remember the internet never forgets

As Victoria recently blogged about the internet keeps everything. Your Twitter account is a part of your brand whether you like it or not. So, keep in mind that everything you say will reflect on that brand.

If the Twitter account is a business account then it is even more reason to consider what you say. If there is doubt there is no doubt.

5: Commit to what you can actually do

Twitter like all things takes time. Don't commit to sending ten tweets per day when that means they will be ten low quality tweets. Create a plan with goals you can meet and stick to it.

Photos are a good way to create high impact tweets with little effort.

Happy Twittering,

Jack Prichard is a social advocate and the community manager for OptimalBI. He can be seen eating bircher muesli out of a jar on the Featherston station platform before the sparrows fart, or you can follow him on Twitter @jackprichardnz.