The gift of giving feedback

Recently, I received feedback that truly was positive, and I'm still buzzing!

I finished a project recently, and in the debrief we were asked to write something nice about each other

It was a wonderful way to bring an end to the project, which was quite stressful and had lots of moving parts.
I now have this wonderful piece of paper with the good things that 6 of my colleagues think I'm great at as a momento of the hard work I put in.

It's a great way to give positive feedback and I'll cherish it.

Smile and be proud of your work

Knowing that my boss, client and peers on this project really appreciated the value I added to the team made the whole thing worth it.

Do we give positive feedback often enough?

Positive feedback can be difficult to give and can often not be positive at all. Someone will give you positive feedback, but it makes you feel as though you've just been told off. It shouldn't be like that.

The challenge

Over the next week, say something nice about each one of your colleagues to them. Positivity is contagious and if you start doing it, others may just follow. Keep throwing positivity out to the world, as when it comes time to broach a subject that you'd normally brand 'positive feedback' you'll do it in a better way.

After all, Christmas is coming. Why not give the gift of positive feedback?

~ Bronnie