3 reasons why you should use LilRegie for your next event

I'm a huge fan-girl of that little munchkin ^

Lil Regie is quite possibly the best event registration system I've ever used. I'm about to back up that statement, but first, a little bit of background about it.

Use it for: Managing your event registrations

How it came about: The organisers of Webstock made it because they were sick of using clunky, old systems that didn't have all the functionality they needed. They wanted and needed the best event registration app.

Reason #1: The support

The team are available with almost instant support pretty much all of the time.

Need to ask a question? Simply login and ask. Someone will respond to you really quickly, you can enter in to live chat to find a quick and easy solution to your problem.

I've had days where I've asked a question first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening and had responses immediately. What's more, you are emailed the chat conversation you're having, so if you forget, just go through the thread and figure it out.

Now, I've asked some pretty stupid questions. You know, the ones where you haven't really thought through what it is you're asking, and it turns out that the answer is right in front of your face if you'd just thought about it... Lil Regie offers super-professional service with a smile and a few laughs along the way!

Oh yeah, and there's also a support blog that is full of useful info.

It is an easy event registration software.

Reason #2: The price

It's actually pretty affordable and is charged as a flat fee per registrant depending on the ticket price. Honestly, if you look around you won't find a more feature-rich, fair-priced bit of registration software. Trust me, I've done the leg work.

Lil Regie also offers credit card payment facilities, integrates with PayPal, can generate its own invoices or can show off super-slick Xero tricks, whatever you fancy.

Reason #3: It's so user-friendly

Everything is self-explanatory. You are guided through the event set-up step by step in a flowing, the natural way so you can feel the event take shape and become real in a bit of software... That all sounds a bit waffly... Lil Regie is structured so you piece your event together, giving the opportunity to step into the user perspective of not only the registration process but with visualising the concept and facilitation on the day.

I like that as it helps me find bits I might have missed in the programme or not thought about, and it always helps to see your event shape up from slightly different perspectives.

How can you test it out for yourself?

Create an account, create your event. No money exchanges hands until your event is live and tickets are sold, so it's great to have a play around with and see if it suits your upcoming event.

I'm sure it will. I'm certainly a believer!

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