5 tips to refresh your CV or resume

We've put together 5 tips which will help your write a CV and help you find a job now.

Be clear on who you are and what you do

The top of the page needs to have your name, contact information and what you do in a clear and crisp way. For example:

Bronwyn Scott

Phone: XXX

Email: YYY

Event Manager

Don't include your address, they're not going to send you a letter or turn up expecting dinner.

Give a brief summary of your key skills and experience

What are you really good at? Are you applying for a job where team management is listed as a 'must have'?

Key skills and experience:

  • Marketing and communications of events including strategy and evaluation.
  • Experience managing volunteers.
  • Event logistics, from transportation to accommodation, event shutdown, vendor management and site layout.
  • etc.

You want to highlight about 5 points and now should have used about half a page.

Prove you can do the job

When listing your previous roles, compare the job description of your desired job to your experience. Pull out the points that match and give examples with proof of what you achieved.

The example below is for an event manager with social media marketing experience:

"I developed a marketing and social media strategy to promote and bring awareness to the event. One of the methods used was to tag in and mention all the vendors going to the event, and tap in to their social networks. This helped grow our Facebook page 'likes' from 300 to 1000 in three months."

Don't include your referee details

Privacy is important. Also, why should you give over someone else's details at the application stage? Wait until they are actually going to make a phone call!

Think about your online profile

In today's technological world, recruiters and hiring managers will Google you. They will look you up on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Think about the image portraying you online and make sure it is professional.

Refresh your LinkedIn profile, or get one, as it is the Facebook of the professional kingdom and could lead to connecting to someone who may hire you.

If you Googled yourself right now, what shows up in the search results? (Turns out there's a Mills & Boon writer who uses my name as her pen name!)If you're more of a visual person, check out this blog with similar information, just presented differently.

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