Preparing your work so you can go on holiday

Proper planning prevents poor performance

That phrase is something I tell my flying students quite frequently, particularly when they are working through the cross country flight syllabus. If they don't prepare for the flight, they will be behind the aircraft, become flustered and find it difficult to learn.

Currently, I'm planning cover for my work responsibilities for when I go on leave later this week, and can now empathise with my students when they hear those 5 P's come out of my mouth.

Planning is hard! Try these tips out:

  • You need to take a look and what your responsibilities are, which can be tricky because often we just get caught up in doing it.
  • Next, work out which of those responsibilities are critical and scale them accordingly - here you're seeing what actually needs to get done, and what doesn't. Must have/nice to have stuff.
  • Find someone who can do those tasks for you when you're away. Write a desk file for them and/or arrange a time to show them the task. Do this with enough time that they can ask questions and you're still around to answer them.
  • Plan for these tasks not to get done while you're away, or for them to not be done the way you expected.
  • Give yourself a plan on how to tackle day one and two post-holiday - what will your priorities be when you're back in the office?

Do you have any tips to help work go on when you're away on leave?

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